San Francisco Book Review: The House of Chalice

Chalice Cover

San Francisco Book Review just posted a 4 star review of The House of Chalice.  You can read it here.

Thanks for the review, Gretl!

You can get The House of Chalice for free on September 23rd on Amazon.

And, Gretl, since you asked for the next book, you can get The House of Star free on September 25th on Amazon.

Today is just one of those days when you want to hug the world.

Free eBook for Labor Day 2014: Burning Heart

It’s official!

Burning Heart will be free August 29th-September 2nd on Amazon.


The war is over. Heaven won. So why does it feel like the world is going to hell? 
As the last demons are hunted to extinction, half-succubus Alexis is trying to live a normal life in a world that is crumbling. With the angels on the hunt, the last thing she needs is a mortal complicating things and awakening her suppressed demon blood. But, when her inconvenient mortal just so happens to be the son of the archangel slaughtering her kind, complicated goes apocalyptic. 
Could you kill the one you love to save the world?

Reviews are appreciated.

Labor Day


September is just around the corner and it isn’t just bringing an end to summer this year.  As I work on The House of Crow, the final book in the Auronia Series, I find myself looking back at this last amazing year of writing.  It has been a blast.  Thank you all for your support.  The dream of a writing career was a glorious one, but the need for pesky things like food and shelter means that soon I will need to wake up and return to the real world of bills, mortgages and over time.

Before I do, I am rereleasing Cut Crimson, Bleed Fire as Burning Heart for Labor Day, complete with a new cover for the digital edition available exclusively through Amazon.

For those of you following the blog, Cut Crimson was my open novel project for 2013 National Novel Writers Month.

Stay tuned for news on the rerelease.

5 Ways to deal with an idea that just won’t DIE

Monty Python and the Holy Grail gif from giphy

So, you’re writing a book.  Along comes this idea that kicks you in the pants and decides that you should be writing it NOW.  You’ve tried ignoring it.  You’ve tried reasoning with it.  Heck, you’ve tried hacking it to pieces.

What do you do when you are plagued by a persistent story?

1. Make Notes

Often, the best way to get rid of an idea, or at least buy yourself some breathing room to finish your current project is to make notes on whatever new ideas won’t leave you in peace.

This is a double-edged sword, however.  Sometimes, making notes that are too detailed can pull you out of your current world, sabotaging your work-in-progress.

2. Come up with another idea

What?  Another idea?  Yes!

A new idea will make this persistent story idea less shiny and attractive.  Also, it will stretch your brain thin, hopefully to the point of exhaustion, so it will stop coming up with more ideas.

Just be careful not to come up with a better idea, or you’ll be in the same situation.

3. Doodle

Some people sketch.  Other people draw.  I usually fiddle with photoshop because I couldn’t draw a stick figure to save my life.  Whatever your preference, do art unrelated to writing.

It’s basically like telling the idea “I’m ignoring you… la~ la~ la~”.

4. Incorporate the idea

Sometimes an idea isn’t different from your current story.  Maybe it is an element that should be included.  Embrace that little noisy bastard and see if there is room for it in your book.  Who knows?  Maybe your book needs it.

5. Give in

It happens.  Occasionally, an idea is just too good… or just too annoying… to ignore.  Go write it.  Come back to your other work later.

Keep in mind that many good books die here, ditched for the shininess of another book.  Then again, sometimes you are distracted because this book simply isn’t working for you.  Either way, you will eventually need to sit down and get to your ending no matter what book you settle on.

Who knows?  Maybe your old story will learn to be just as annoying.